Scottish Churches House Dunblane July 2011

2nd – 9th July 2011

This has been a wonderful and enjoyable Summer holiday in the finest CSF tradition! Here is Brenda’s report!

This is where we had our summer holiday. You may well be asking “why there?” Well why not?!

Our base was Scottish Churches House which had the Cathedral right opposite the house – it was a wonderful view.

Most people said it would be cold up there but we all arrived in a heat wave and the first four days it was really very hot but it did not last the whole week!

There were 22 of us on this week’s holiday and it was good to catch up with members who we had not seen for sometime and to welcome new people to our group and we look forward in seeing you all again soon.

Well what did we find to do in Scotland? Lots!

Each day we started with a thought for the day and ended with an epilogue. I would very much like to thank the people who helped leading these, it makes the holiday so blessed.

Saturday: Evening after our meal we all got together looked at the program and did a “who’s who” of all of us on the holiday.

Sunday: Some went to the Cathedral and were give a very warm welcome. A group of us visited Dunblane Christian Fellowship and were also given a wonderful welcome and others went to local churches in and round Dunblane.

In the afternoon there was a guided walk around the city. In the evening we had a time of sharing and Songs of Praise.

Monday: Was a wonderful day out to Stirling Castle. After a very full day and dinner we had a games evening.

Tuesday: We went on the Falkirk Wheel (No it was not at a fun fare!) This was a wheel which takes boats between two canals at different levels. It was a most wonderful sight to see. A group off us went off afterwards to see the Red Kites being fed and flying, before heading back to our base. In the evening we had one of Howard’s wonderful quizzes.

Wednesday: The weather changed but it did not stop us from still enjoying our fellowship and time out together. This day was spent at a Safari Park. In the evening after dinner there was a Riverside walk, followed by a Mix and Match.

Thursday: Another new day and this spent on Loch Katrine on the steam boat Sir Walter Scott. It was a shame it was wet and cold for that time of the year but we still all had a good time. Before we got to the boat there was time to have coffee and look around Callander. The evening events were planned by all who where staying and I must say it was a most wonderful evening.

Howard had to get back home that evening but he just could not leave until the very end. It was one of our very best entertainment evenings and thank you everyone for doing it.

Friday: We left has a free day. (This was planned from reading your feed backs from the holidays in the past). Later that day we all came together for your feed back on the Dunblane holiday followed by a social.

Saturday: Was a sad time as we all had to leave and for us all to make our way home, how every near or far that was!

There was a lot more to see in and round that part of Scotland. We had taken on board what was said about traveling around in cars so we kept things local on this holiday, but you are always free to do what every you like on the holidays you do not have to stick to the program.

I would like to thank Pat G for all her help in leading the holiday with me and the lovely gift you gave us both.

We were very sorry to hear that Scottish Churches House was closing (that is why we had to change our dates.) We would like to thank all the staff and wish then all the very best.

You all played a part in helping with the holiday. I do not want to make a list in case I leave someone out, so I would like to thank you all for your input!

I have been looking at some new places for us to stay at. The New Year House Party will be at Belsey Bridge, Ditchingham on the Norfolk and Suffolk border.(The nearest train station is Beccles). Easter we be at the Wycliffe Center, High Wycombe, For our summer holiday we are going back to Pilgrim Hall Uckfield ,East Sussex. (We had a wonderful time there some summers ago.) Our October weekend will be at Launde Abbey which has been wonderfully up-graded and is situated in some outstanding countryside. It is 8 miles from Oakham, Leicestershire. Please keep a look out for all these holidays. This can be done by becoming a member and when you join you will have some money taken off the cost of your holiday. You can also look here on the website for an update and see some great pictures of this holiday and other holidays we have enjoyed in the past.

Thank you all for all your support for our holidays and we look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

Brenda Trigance-Clark.

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