Pilgrim Hall 2012

Great Summer Holiday at Pilgrim Hall!

CSF Members have enjoyed a great Summer holiday at Pilgrim Hall in East Sussex. Here is Sarah’s Report:

 This year’s CSF summer holiday was held at Pilgrim Hall in East Sussex . We had a week packed with lots of interesting places to visit and fun evening activities.

  Days out included a visit to Lewes (visiting Lewes Castle and Anne of Cleaves house), a visit to Eastbourne, Scotney Castle and Sheffield Park gardens.

  Howard led most of our thoughts for the day and epilogues together with a few others on the holiday. In the evenings several games of croquet were played out on the lawn, we also enjoyed Howard’s quiz, had a concert where lots of us took part and on the last evening a large part of the group stayed up late to watch the opening ceremony for the Olympic games. We enjoyed good food and fellowship at Pilgrim Hall as well as the scenic grounds and the open air swimming pool. This was a very enjoyable time away which was also helped by the lovely weather and very warm sunshine for the whole week!

 Our thanks go to Howard and those who helped him for giving us all such a good time away.

  We now look forward to our next weekend away in October at Launde Abbey in Leicestershire.

  Sarah B.

Many thanks to Sarah for her report, and here – courtesy of Patricia D. and Sue T. – are some first pictures of CSF members enjoying the scenery and the lovely weather! 








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