John Grint’s October 2013 Tanzania Report

John GrintCSF Member John Grint is involved with work amongst the street children of Kigamboni, Tanzania, and our website links in with the website of KSC, the UK-based organisation which is in partnership with the Kigamboni Community Centre, Tanzania, the group that John works with when he goes out to Africa.

Here John tells us about his work amongst the street children of Kigamboni.

You can click on some of the images to see a larger version.

Good Morning,

Please find attached photos of street children and drop out school children at KCC (who are potential street children).

Rama a teacher and friend of mine managed to get 32 uniforms made at KCC and 32 pairs of shoes for drop out school children; some of those children are street children.

I have spent all our donations: £1,100.00 for street children at KCC.
We intend to rent accommodation in about two months, for six children initially, eventually having 12 children there, the government has given the go ahead for the project. £250.00 was spent on school uniforms and shoes, the rest for poor families and treating street children, all the money is documented and receipts given by KCC, except the money for poor families and treats .

Regards Mr. John

Children with new uniforms

Children with new uniforms

24/32 children with new uniforms, they can now go to main school. Notice the posh new shoes, believe me the children were very happy.


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