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Report on the Holiday at Wydale Hall

Report on the Holiday at Wydale Hall, Scarborough

July to 2 August 2014

Wyedale HallWydale is in a beautiful spot midway between Pickering and Scarborough in the edge of the North Yorkshire moors. Set in beautiful grounds it is a lovely place in which to unwind and relax, that is until Howard takes out his croquet set.

The staff were all very efficient and helpful toward us and we were all made very comfortable, the food was very good.
On arrival at Wydale we were served with Coffee, Tea and biscuits where we chatted with each other as there were a few of us first timers myself included.
After dinner and coffee we all gathered in one of the conference rooms and had to interview another person and then give a report to everyone else on that person to the room at large. I thought it was a good way to get to know each other. After this we had the epilogue led by Howard.

Sunday — After breakfast Howard led our own church service in Wydale and after a hearty Sunday Lunch we all headed off to Scarborough. Most of us went to the South Bay and the rest to North Bay.

Monday — After breakfast we headed off to Whitby where some of us decided to climb the 192 steps up to the cathedral, the climb was worth it for the views, thank goodness there was a coffee shop at the top selling lovely cakes, for energy purposes only of course.
After dinner Howard gathered us together to play croquet. He really had a big heart to try and teach this to some of us especially me, who instead of hitting the ball with the mallet hit my ankle instead, some of the first timers were naturals at this game especially Hilary who managed to get her ball through the hoops. After this we went inside and Howard did the epilogue.

Tuesday — We went to Castle Howard and the Lavender Farm, some went into the Castle while others chilled out by the lake and some went for a walk in the magnificent grounds. As you know this is where Brideshead Revisited was filmed and there are a few rooms inside the castle dedicated to this fact, also there are some areas in the grounds which can be recognised from the programme.
We then drove onto the Lavender farm which was smaller than we thought. There was a large fenced off area at the bottom of the hill where some deer and their young were roaming. When we returned from our day out Brenda had arrived with her three friends.

Wednesday —We went to Bridlington and took the boat trip to Flamborough Head luckily the sea was reasonably calm and we enjoyed the scenery and seeing baby puffins. Poor Howard had the worst job trying to keep us all together and get us on the boat.
When we got off the boat we were all walking back to our cars and I think it was David told Howard he was going to the toilet, without thinking Howard announced to all and sundry where he was going, I doubled up laughing and I think someone said make sure you tell everyone, it was so funny.
Wyedale Hall gardensAfter dinner we had a croquet competition. Needless to say some were good at it and others especially me not so good. At one point it was my turn and the ball was only inches from the hoop, with my teammates shouting hit it hard, I hit it so hard it flattened the hoop. Anyway I was fortunate to have Hilary on my team and although new to the game she was very good. We didn’t win but we beat Howard’s team, bet he didn’t tell his professional team mates that when he got home.
We ended the day with the epilogue.

Thursday — This was the day we took the steam train from Pickering to Goathland, it was lovely and the scenery was stunning. When we arrived we saw the Aidensfield Garage from Heartbeat. Had a wander round the village then met up with some of the others who had come by car, had tea and cake again!
After Dinner we had games and country dancing.

Friday — This was the day we were due to go to York, the ones who went had a really good time, but some of us decided to go to Scarborough, where we wandered round Peasholm Park and then played Crazy Golf.
After lunch we went on the steam train along the North Bay.
In the evening we had the talent show and what a talented bunch we happened to be, where are the talent scouts when there is talent like this on show. I have to give a special mention to young Eric, at 89, brilliant on his cornet and playing lovely hymns.

Saturday — After breakfast we had reflections then everyone left for home having had a very memorable holiday, new friendships cemented and old ones renewed.
It only remains to thank Howard and Brenda for all their hard work in organising this lovely holiday and setting up all the activities.

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