Bryan Conway’s Trip to India

India mission Trip to Bethany Ministries, January 2012



 Before reading any of this report, it is necessary to remind ourselves that all thanks and glory go to God Himself and no other. Any fruit from the 8 day period in south central India, whether seen or unseen, is His alone. Successes are not about any one person’s work – only about what the Lord does!

 Bryan was once again met at Hyderabad airport by the same team of Indian GP doctors who are Christian evangelists, as on the previous occasion. The ministry followed the same pattern as last time in that free medical camps were conducted, followed by the presentation of the Gospel afterwards. Bryan spoke for about 9 hours in total – 18 with translation. Altogether over the period, Bryan and the doctors – headed by Dr. Faithful, founder of the ministry – were involved in 6 long meetings involving much speaking and praying, at various venues up to 2 hours away from Kurnool. This town has a population of 400,000 and is the size of Worcester city in area.

 The first meeting was an all day Pastors gathering at Dr Faithful’s church. Around 200 turned up having travelled from all directions. Many were fed, (Spiritually and in the flesh), prayed for and encouraged. It was a privilige to minister with these servants of God and many film interviews were conducted afterwards.

  The only meeting in Kurnool itself was intimidating in that the Gospel was given in a Muslim/Hindu environment one evening. Many of the husbands would not allow their wives to go forward afterwards and Bryan was taken away from the scene by car, at the first opportunity. Many people took literature in their own language however and the message was heard from houses around as the team’s amplification system is pretty loud!

There were no such problems elsewhere as all the other meetings were in churches. One venue was a return visit to the same Christian community village as last time. – the village of the singing children with their smiling faces. Another was a late night date at a remote place somewhere and to a dimly lit church full of people. (Could hardly see!). This was followed on the Sunday morning with a 4 hour service at a place in the hot 32 degree sun. After speaking, Bryan ended up actually baptizing eleven people outside by full immersion, a complete suprise as the local Pastor only gave him 30 minutes notice of this.

 Once again, Bryan is very grateful for the prayers of so many. All of them were answered in abundance. He was kept safe, and in good health throughout.

 The way forward now, is to trail through the hours of DVD footage filming which two of the doctors nephews kindly undertook. Much sorting and editing will need doing. Maybe some content will go to a Christian TV company. For domestic church presentations however, the idea is to produce a 20-25 minute edited DVD presentation. A website is being constructed and this will be Additionally, the doctors themselves were enormously grateful for the lap top gift from Cookhill Baptist Church in central England, (no more s