Bryan Conway’s Latest (2014) Mission Trip to India



Once again Bryan travelled to India to meet with the GP doctors/ evangelical Christians team, which is headed by Dr Faithful of Bethany Ministries. It was to be an eight day mission to areas which require free medical treatment and to people either needing the Gospel or in need of Spiritual encouragement.

After leaving Heathrow, Bryan arrived in Mumbai via Bahrain late afternoon on Sunday 16th. Accommodation that evening was in hostel bunks at the main railway station. Next day after various visits around Mumbai (Bombay) and a final visit to McDonalds for familiar food, Bryan, Dr Faithful and his nephew Emmanuel boarded the express train towards Chennai. The 3 of them settled down in 3rd class bunks and were joined in the 6 berth compartment by three others after half an hour.

A sixteen hour journey followed until the remote town of Raichur was reached, some 50 miles from Dr Faithful’s house in Kurnool. The local taxi service had closed for the day so a pedestrian with a car was successfully tempted by 2000 rupees to take them to their destination. After arrival, some of the other doctors and Dr Faithful’s family, came to see Bryan when friendships were renewed.

The following day was Wednesday and 120 Pastors and church leaders turned up for a conference at Dr Faithful’s church in his grounds. Bryan gave a 90 minute (3 hours with translation) message of encouragement to those gathered. This was spread over two sessions either side of lunch. Afterwards there was further ministry with around 50 people being prayed for and two people being baptized in an outside tub! This all took much time and it was 6pm before the same 3 people + Dr Hopeful took off on the 70km 40mile road to the railway station at Nandyal. The road was appalling all the way and the top speed was little more than 30mph rattling around. The four arrived at the station 20 minutes late to thankfully find that the train had not yet arrived. A 6 hour journey followed, which was absolutely packed and with no room to claim your bunk. Arrival in Guntur was 2am.

An early morning 3 hour car journey followed to what was the Bay of Bengal on the other side of India. Here, a second Pastors conference took place with just short of 200 attending. As there was no connection with the first one, the same message was given with the translation being shared amongst the three Indian doctors. All the delegates lined up afterwards to shake hands! A one hundred rupee note was given in an envelope to each Pastor present, as a gift from Cookhill Baptist Church in England. An hour or two later the team left to go to what Bryan described as the poorest place on earth that he had ever seen. People were living in straw huts and were shunned by Indian society being totally illiterate i.e. no schools or anything. Awful poverty! A free medical camp followed with lots of treatment. Bryans 15 minute Gospel message – to people who knew nothing of Jesus Christ – was successful in that all but 2 in the village raised their hands afterwards. This was very humbling but there was much concern that there is no follow up to this.

After an all night 7 hour bus ride, the team arrived back in Kurnool on Friday and after a day of rest visited a local modern Baptist church. A message of the Assurance of Salvation was given here as all present were strong Christians. It took about 60-75 minutes with translation. Many were prayed for afterwards before arriving back in Kurnool about 1am.

Next day was Saturday and the team visited some very remote villages in the Krishna River area. A boat journey followed. The team reached a place for another medical camp and Gospel message, although the inhabitants did know something of the Gospel. Around 80 came from all directions. It was however, necessary to wear masks whilst treating people during the medical camp as there was much fever in these places. Scary! The roads getting there were dreadful in the extreme and it was after midnight before reaching Kurnool.

On Sunday, three young ladies arrived at 6.30am to be baptized and after Bryan had ascertained that they knew why they were doing this, he and the team went down to the local river and with the water up to everybody’s waist, the full immersions were undertaken around 7.30am. The church service at Dr Faithful’s house was brought forward by 2 hours to leave time for getting Bryan to Hyderabad airport. His plane left on time for the 90 minute flight to Mumbai and after a difficult 8 hour overnight wait in the departure lounge there, he arrived safely back at Heathrow during the Monday afternoon.

Altogether Bryan met 22 people from the team and the family, all of whom he knew from previous visits. Many thanks were given to the Lord for all prayers answered both from the UK and India. The Lord graciously granted all requests for safe travel (needed on India’s crazy roads), overnight journeys and for good health and safety in areas where it was needed. Bryan was perfectly well throughout with no tummy problems or anything. Most of all, thanks were given for the fruit of the ministry – all of which is the Lord’s of course, but He did choose to reveal some of it during the stay.

In conclusion, Bryan stated that he felt stretched to the limit and beyond in many instances, with the whole team being well out of any comfort zone on several occasions. Having stated this however, it was very much felt that more was achieved for the Lord on this occasion than on all the previous trips put together.

The next step now, is for Bryan and others to identify persons with God’s help, who would also be interested in going to India to join with the team for short missions. Please feel free to forward this email to anyone you feel may have an interest in this ministry. Bethany Ministries is expanding fast, so anyone with preaching/teaching abilities, or is gifted in construction/maintenance, or is in the medical profession is more than welcome to ask for more details. Early information is available at It isn’t a holiday, it isn’t even a picnic but the rewards are amazing!


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