Bethany Ministries, India

Bethany Ministries is a Christian outreach and is based in the town of Kurnool, situated in the state of Andhra Pradesh in south central India.


It is headed by Dr Meruga Faithful a registered GP, along with members of his family most of whom are also doctors with degrees. Their ministry involves visiting mainly remote villages within a wide radius, for administering medicines and other needy medical items. Usually there are no medical outlets in these places and in most cases inevitably the villagers are very poor, so no charges are made. Due to the high population of India the meetings, even in the more rural areas, can often involve several hundred people at a time. The ratio of children is very high.


Visits are made on a regular basis over the year and usually last several hours in each place. After the, (often), long queues have been attended to, Christian services of worship are conducted by the doctors, usually in conjunction with local Pastors if there are any. Many have come to the Lord after the Gospel is preached and many people have been physically healed after praying.


All financial support goes direct to the ministry, in that 100% is for medicines and support for the villagers and for the local Pastors who basically operate on very little. Bethany Ministries take no financial support for themselves and all goes direct as there is no ‘middle man’ or International bank charges.


As for Pastors, the ministry is well known in a wide area. A meeting of 200 Pastors is being organised by Bethany Ministries for January 2012, topping the 120 who were present at the February 2011 get together. The gatherings tend to take the form of sharing experiences, encouraging each other and seeking the Lord’s direction in what can often be a hostile environment. Bethany Ministries have no support from any agencies or anyone else outside India, so therefore fund these events themselves.

Our CSF President, Bryan Conway is deeply involved in the work of Bethany ministries, and has recently been on a “tour of duty” with Bethany Ministries. Bryan’s report is posted on our CSF website.

Here are some photos of the work of Bethany Ministries:






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