Belsey Bridge New Year Houseparty 2011-12

Belsey Bridge, New Year House Party 2011-2012


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Most of us arrived mid-afternoon on Friday 30th December, and introduced ourselves over a cup of tea.After the evening meal, we had a ‘break-the-ice’ session which this year had us split into twos, and get to know something of the other person, and then ‘report back’ to the larger group about one fact (although most people told quite a bit more than this). Then there was a “trivia quiz”, excellently led by Howard Lowry.On the 3 days of the break we had the ‘Thought for the day’ before breakfast, led by Jackie Reason. They were based on the book of Ruth. On the first two days Jackie had one of our group read one of the chapters, and then she explained something about what we had read. On the third and last day of our study, because there are 4 chapters in Ruth, Jackie had the concluding paragraph of Ruth read, and encouraged us to read the 3rd and 4th chapters ourselves. On the first day she had said that every-one had significance in God’s play, including Ruth. I did not know what was meant by this, but it became clear as the study continued: Ruth married Boaz and their son was the grandfather of King David.After breakfast we had Worship and Bible Message, led by Peter Reason. We sang some songs. As part of his message, Peter read from a book on a Mr. Cook who had been a Missionary to the Native Americans (Red Indians).

In the late morning, some went on a short walk. Others went on an Art Workshop, led by Steve Slater which was on drawing with charcoal, and was very enjoyable.

On that afternoon there was a choice of activities. There was a calligraphy workshop led by Patricia Deacon, and visits to either Covehithe or Southwold.

On the evening, we played some games including a photo quiz, an introduction to Salsa Dancing led by Peter and Jackie followed by ‘What a load of Rubbish!’ (which was based on ‘Call My Bluff’) and a Barn Dance. At 11.30 p.m. we had communion to welcome in the New Year, and then had mince pies with either wine or shloer.Sunday morning, we had our In-house Service, led by Peter Reason It was based on Exodus Chapter 3 when Moses sees the burning bush that is not being burnt-up.

On the Sunday afternoon there was the opportunity to go to Norwich. There were two cars full of people who went, and the others stayed in the Centre.

On the evening we had a talent night. We were treated to the singing talents of Linda Pawley and Michelle . Many read extracts from books and there was a game called ‘My New Friend’ led by Jackie that was similar in format to ‘Mr and Mrs’.On the Monday morning after breakfast there was the group photo in the conference hall and some Worship and Reflections. We had packed a lot into the break, and were sorry that it was coming to an end. But I remember what some-one said to me once – that if one enjoyable experience did not come to an end, then another enjoyable experience could not start!

David F.

(Many thanks to David for compiling this excellent report! SF)

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